Tony Gourmet Group is run by celebrity chef Tony Hu, a graduate of China's first culinary institution. With over 20 years experience in the Chinese food industry, Tony has built Tony Gourmet Group a leading restaurant chain that dedicated to gourmet authentic Chinese cuisine and provide exceptional customer service. From the birth of Lao Sze Chuan in 1998, to the grand opening of a upscale Chinese restaurant—Lao 18, located on 18 W Hubbard St, serving the River North area, Tony Gourmet Group now has 11 famous Chinese Restaurants: 4 Lao SzeChuans (Chinatown, Uptown, Downers Grove and Connecticut location), Lao Beijing, Lao Shanghai, Lao You Ju, Lao Hunan, Lao Yunan, Lao Ma La and Lao 18.



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